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Genovia Homewares Co., Ltd. is a well established manufacturer devoted to daily household products, which designs and produces a wide range of silicone goods ranging from kid security and protection series to stuff used in the kitchen. All the products in Genovia are strictly designed and produced according to the lifestyle and quality standard of the target market, in order to ensure our clients enjoy the security and popularity of the products.
Company philosophy
We deeply hold this philosophy“to design and produce from the angle of customers”. Every product of Genovia muse be tested through this regid course: feasibility discussion within designing teams, sample use testing, customer feedback, product modification, product lounching. All these efforts are dedicated to ensure that our product is what the custmers want. Meanwhile, we strongly oppose throwawayism. Throwawayism product is a great loss of the earth resources, contributing to the inconvenience of disposing waste. Our own designed product is required to meet these following expectations: functioning, durability and feasibility. We hope our product meet customers demand both at present and in the long run.

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